Art Fair Curator and Juror, UK corridor, Art Rooms Fair London, 20th-22nd January 2018
Member of art fair selection committee and curator of UK corridor exhibition
“Hotel rooms are sites of transition, in between familiarity and anonymity, intimacy and displacement. As we construct ourselves an ephemeral sense of home, we can paradoxically reconnect with our own bodies and relationship to an environment. We can acknowledge the need to change, experiment and make mistakes, to get lost in between spiritual, virtual and physical realms. We can craft narratives through lost and found elements to make sense of our place in the world, our own sense of space within a vaster whole.  When you feel displaced or you feel at home, is it within a space or within yourself?  From the onset the artists of the UK corridor questioned their relationship to the hotel room as an ambiguous site of interaction and display, dispossessed of the autobiographical memory of a bedroom yet without the impersonal anonymity of a white gallery wall. To reclaim it both as a space and as a bedroom is to foster a special, intimate relationship with the visitor. Throughout the corridor, wandering from door to door and being invited inside for a short while reveals interrelations and fragments around the relationship to the space – and the relationship to the body.”
‘Intimate displacements’, exhibition essay for catalogue of Art Rooms Fair London 2018, published January 2018

Interpretation Curator, Au bout du fil, 28th September-14th October 2017, Le Zaye, in collaboration with Culturia
Production of interpretation material for group exhibition
Au bout du fil labels in French

Exhibition Curator, Confusion of Tongues: Art and The Limits of Language, 16th June-17th July 2016 Courtauld Gallery
MA Curating the Art Museum exhibition
“In Utopia (1516), Thomas More imagines an apparently perfect island society in which citizens share a common language and way of life. It is a text riddled with ambiguities, paradoxes and verbal games: ‘utopia’ itself translates as both ‘no-place’ and ‘good-place’. The book has repeatedly frustrated readers’ attempts to decipher its message. Confusion of Tongues: Art and the Limits of Language brings into dialogue artists who – in ways similar to More – explore the power of language to complicate and withhold meaning. As viewers, we are invited to imagine through and beyond the spoken and written word, to think and re-think, to look and look again.”

Biennial curatorial team member, “Artifical Realities”, East Wing Biennial 2016, January 2016-ongoing, Courtauld Institute
“Artificial Realities is an exhibition of contemporary artworks that address the realm of uncertainty which exists between reality and falsehood. It assembles works into thematic microcosms, themselves dispatched into different rooms as well as transitional spaces. Each space is inhabited by a selection of works specifically chosen to disorient the understanding of established truths and expand the notion of reality into a zone of indetermination.”
Falsehood & Fiction, exhibition essay for catalogue of Artificial Realities (East Wing Biennial), published January 2016