I am an independant curator and researcher, with a BA in Art History (Oxford University) and an MA in Curating (Courtauld Institute). Since 2013, I have been working in art environments related to modern and contemporary art. Being involved in exhibition-making, the coordination of contemporary art events and the preservation and accessibility of art collections and historical archives encouraged me to pursue my own curatorial projects and research.

I am particularly interested in film and video practices, especially animation, which I would like to see recognised as a diverse medium with its own rightful place within art history and contemporary exhibitions. I have an enduring interest in modern and contemporary art practices revolving around gender and sexuality. I started queeratorial this year as a platform to explore the ways in which queer art and visual culture is represented and curated in institutions and independant projects. I believe art museums and related spaces with art programming must be held accountable for making art accessible and inclusive to more than a pretended “traditional audience” (read: white, educated and wealthy), with visual conversations and experiences ranging from the political to the personal to just plain fun. Since I have started to write reviews in 2014 for this blog as well as external publications and platforms, I want to convey not only what I thought of an exhibition but the way in which it could break these barriers in terms of innovative museum interpretation, display and text.

I am currently writing, curating and undertaking independant research related to modern and contemporary visual art and film practices while freelancing in digital communication and copywriting within the art sector.










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